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The last few decades have been revolutionary for the AEC industry, the whole industry seems to have gone and got itself in a big hurry. 

We have seen a slew of new technologies taking the industry by storm like – drones, Lidar scanners, GPS- Total stations for data acquisition, and a host of complementary software and CAD programs for data processing.

While every innovation shares the objective of improving workflows, saving time & cost overruns, accuracy et al. But it had also been fraught with challenges like,

  • Pushback in the adoption of the technologies
  • Lack of technical skills in the execution of technologies
  • The cost associated with the acquisition of hardware and software et al


There are many more challenges that had been plaguing this industry but the ones listed above are quite prominent. Keeping these issues in mind, TDR focuses on providing support to our clients with value address services like


LIDAR Point Cloud Processing


OrthoPhoto Processing


CAD Conversion