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Land Based Engineering

The land is the very bedrock of our civilization and for as long as mankind existed and shall exist, it shall continue to be so. Over the course of history and now, we have seen individuals and governments have gone to any extent to protect the pieces of land that they stake claim to.

Nevertheless, it’s the same place where we have our houses built, roads laid out, utilities put up, and schools and hospitals et are built. Let’s just say every possible pillar on which our civilizations stand begins with a piece of land.

Here is where land-based engineering becomes such an important part of our lives. Land Surveying and Land development are two very critical functions in the Civil Engineering space that no government can ever do without. The are the streams that define:

  • Property corners
  • Topography
  • Utilities
  • Designs Subdivisions
  • Determines Easements
  • Divides land legally & keeps you off disputes

If you own land and expect to do something with it. You can not do without them, period!


Land Survey CAD Drafting


Land Development Design Drafting