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Steel Detailing

At TheDraftRack, we boast a team of skilled and qualified structural engineers in our draughtsman & modelers who have years of experience behind them working with various Structural Steel Fabricators firms, manufacturers, contractors, or supplies.  Our team has delivered numerous projects over the years and has the desired wherewithal to execute any project that requires shop drawings for:


Steel components, reinforced or pre-cast concrete, roofs, trusses, handrails, stairs, structures et al.

Our 2D & 3D drafting capabilities  

  • Steel Shop drawings
  • Sectional Infractions( US)
  • Sheet Metal Shop drawings
  • Miscellaneous Drawings
  • Handrail Shop Drawing
  • Erection & GA diagrams
  • Revit BIM Structural Modeling, 
  • As-Built / Scan to BIM Structural Drawings

Below is a continuum of our capabilities 

  • Shop Fabrication ( Column, Beam, Brace, Stair, Handrail, Ladders, et al)
  • Steel Joists & Deck Detailing
  • BOQ/ BOM – Material List
  • Metal Detailing
  • 2D Drafting & 3D Mode
  • Single part / Fitting Drawings
  • Rebar Shop Drawings
  • Erection Drawings with Connections
  • Steel Estimation
  • Roof truss and joint details

TheDraftRack (Steel Structure Company) provides various Steel Detailing Service and structural shop drawings services including steel shop drawings, sheet metal shop drawings, etc. Our structural team consists of highly qualified and experienced draftsmen and modelers. We provide various structural shop drawings for structural steel components, trusses, reinforced concrete, pre-cast concrete, structures, and millwork. Our structural modeling team works in tandem with the client organization as though an extension of the client’s team.

What’s included in shop drawings:

  • Prefabricated components need to have a complete set of shop drawings made for them, before the process of fabrication
  • Shop Drawings include dimensions, manufacturing standards, and fabrication details, they could contain way more information depending upon the requirement of the project or compare to a CD
  • Shop Drawings act as the guiding framework for all the projects for any and every fabrication project, being worked upon by a fabricator or a contractor, or a manufacturer.

Software Expertise: 

  • Revit
  • Auto CAD
  • Tekla Structures
  • MultiSUITE, SDS2
  • Stadd Pro
  •  AutoDesk Revit Structures

What we need to get started: 

  • Site plan
  • Detailed Scope
  • Engineering Plan with dimensions
  • layout
  • Scan Data
  • Detailed Architectural Plan
  • Software specifications

Standards that we have knowledge in: 

  • AISC
  • NISD
  • ASD
  • OSHA
  • IS
  • AWS
  • ASTM

Our Strengths

  • Accurate & consistent:  our philosophy is “we may do less, but never compromise on quality and consistency” 
  • Quick turnaround: (Leveraging our time zone advantage, we can have a team working while you’re sleeping as well as while you’re at work. You can have all the work turned in well before your day begins i.e., before 9:00 AM ET) 
  • Familiarity with the American parcel Systems: (Metes & Bounds, Public Land Survey Systems: Sectional Infractions, Lot & Blocks et al.) 
  • Technical & Domain wherewithal: across various software and states within the US 
  • Cost-Effective: Cost-benefit dovetailed with Quality is the bedrock of the very DNA of our business  
  • Excellent with communication – something we believe is key to any good relationship Scalability without ever losing sight of accuracy and consistency. 
  • Mitigate Risk - Help you create a distributed strategy that enables you to mitigate risk