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"There is only One Boss,
The Customer"

Sam Walton

About Us

At TheDraftRack, LLC, we work with Land Surveyors, Civil Engineers, Architects, General Contractors, fabricators, and other clients within the AEC industry providing them with an exhaustive rack of specialized CAD drafting & drawing solutions. As a company, we strive to provide consistent, accurate, cost-effective, and tailormade CAD-based drafting solutions, Civil Engineering Service and Architectural Drawing Service to our clients within the AEC industry.

The team of experienced professionals at TheDraftRack, LLC, has over 20 years of cumulative experience in serving clients across Land Surveying, Civil Engineering, Architectural & construction throughout North America, Europe, India & Middle East. We continue to assist numerous satisfied clients by delivering quality, consistent and timely projects, day in and day out. We take pride in continuously contributing to the growth of our clients and always remain excited to get an opportunity to replicate the same with other prospective clients.

Over the last decade, our team has been dedicated to serving clients across North America, Europe, Middle East & India.

We seek to take the expertise acquired over the years & keep working diligently to adapt ourselves to the growing demands of the ever-so-changing AEC industry. The process is to learn – replicate – learn – replicate.


Our mission is to be the go-to design & drafting firm across every engineering discipline around the globe. We would like ourselves to be known as a firm that is known for excellent customer services underscored by qualities such as competency and consistency in what we deliver. Our goal is to be a firm whose culture is always aligned towards creating a congenial environment for the employees and our stakeholders alike, where everyone is felt welcome.


The goal is to keep working towards the adoption of new technologies and ensure that we work towards creating solutions and know-how that are always tailored to the needs of our customers. 


Our foresight revolves around our customers and in developing solutions that never fail to meet all their expectations. We endeavor to never lose sight of the fast-paced ever so changing & evolving technology space & commit ourselves to a culture of innovation and swift adoption that always keeps our customers’ needs always at the forefront. We hope to expand our customer base by venturing into new areas and see ourselves at the top of our game. But our main vision as a company is to keep growing, exploring new technologies and new business opportunities while making sure we create a great customer experience at every touch point. We also aim to work on inculcating an inclusive & neutral environment wherein we foster the idea of inclusivity within the core of what we do, that cuts across genders, caste, creed, or nationality.


We intend to achieve our goal of becoming the No#1 Go-To Multi-Disciplinary Design & Drafting Firm globally by standing on the shoulders of the following:

  • Customer :  Its always the customer and their needs, then everything else
  • Commitment – Never back down on our commitment
  • Competence – Always keep working on being the most competent
  • Consistent – Keep doing good work. Repeat & keep repeating. It’s the consistency that creates the reputation
  • Compassionate – This we believe to be one of the key foundations where we treat everyone the way we like ourselves to be treated
  • Humility – Staying grounded while soaring, keeps you from falling off
  • Adaptability – Adapt or perish, don’t we have enough proof 🙂
  • Transparency – Creating an environment of transparency and trust is what builds great organizations

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