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Cad Drafting Services Texas

Land Surveying Cad Drafting Services in Texas, Florida, New York

TheDraftRack offers comprehensive Land Surveying Cad Drafting Services in Texas, Florida, New York, including CAD drafting services, CAD drawing services, land surveying services, BIM modeling services, and steel detailing services. Our team has nearly a decade of experience working with land surveyors in the US and understands the importance of accurate and timely drawings for successful projects.

With offices in Wyoming, Tampa, Pune, and Nashik, we specialize in various survey types, including ALTA, Topographic, Boundary, As-Built, Mortgage, Residential Surveys, Utility, Right of Way surveys, and Metes & bound. We also offer civil engineering services such as Subdivisions & site plans, Utility Plans, Grading & Drainage Plans, and more. Apart from our exceptional Land Surveying CAD Drafting Services in Texas, Florida, and New York, we offer value-added solutions, including Point cloud processing, 3D Modeling, As-built MEP Modeling, Lisp Automation, and more.

Our team is proficient in using various software such as Autodesk Civil 3d, Carlson, Revit, Leica Cyclone, ProgeCad, ZWCad, Revit, and more. We ensure that our clients receive high-quality and accurate drawings that reduce errors and rework, after a brief period where we develop familiarity with their drafting standards. By working with us, clients gain access to a highly skilled and experienced team of drafting and design professionals, customized solutions that cater to their specific needs, cost-effective solutions that save them time and money, timely delivery of projects, hands-on expertise across multiple software, platforms, and standards, and consistency & homogeneity across our drawings that imbibes their drafting standards.

At TheDraftRack, we have a strong understanding and familiarity with Texas standards. Our cost structure is simple, with regular platted mortgage surveys costing 26 USD, Metes & bounds or sectional based on the complexity of the project, and ALTA/Bigger Boundary/Topo surveys costing 16 USD per/hour. Contact us today if you need Land Surveying Cad Drafting Services in Texas, Florida, New York.